Meet Our Team

Erin began her fitness journey at age 6 as a swimmer and gymnast and was active in the competitive aspect of both through college. She graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Sociology, where she continued to train and developed a love for training others. Erin began personal training at the YMCA in 2009. In January of 2017, she purchased the pole and aerial fitness studio, DivaFit and began training independently as Optimal Fitness. In 2018, the Optimal Fitness space was opened in Sterling, where she and her team train people of all ages, genders, and skill levels.

Erin teaches her clients spatial and body awareness while stressing proper exercise techniques to avoid injury. She draws from her experience as a gymnast and swimmer to give clients their personalized, optimal workout. She feels that the most important investment is the body and takes pride in helping others achieve their fitness goals. Erin holds a NASM personal trainer certification and is an ACE Nutrition Specialist Certification.

Brady was been involved in athletics at a young age, and excelled at sports throughout his adolescence. He was inspired by his mother, a personal trainer with decades of experience, who helped him develop a passion for wellness that continues to guide him through life. He worked for the YMCA in Reston for many years before working full-time as a trainer for Optimal Fitness.

Brady educates his clients on the importance of functional fitness and strength training. His extensive athletic background helps him create unique and effective workouts for his personal training clients that provide the desired results. For his classes, Brady is able to keep each workout session fun and engaging to keep clients coming back for more. Brady holds an ACE personal trainer certification and is an ACE Sports Performance Specialist.